What Is The Life Blood Of Every Business?


Sound familiar?

A business without customers... is not a business.

Thus, herein lies the problems with many businesses everywhere.  How do I get more customers?

  • How do I get more leads and contacts?
  • How can I be more visible to my surrounding area?
  • How can I get digital marketing to work for me?
  • My business does not have time to wait around in the hopes that someone will call.  How can I get the word out about what I do, warm them up to be future Clients or Customers, and get them to call or stop in my business?
  • I'm a brick and mortar business, how can I become a click and mobile one?

If you're looking to increase your customer base, Digital Traffic Solutions can help you with that.

We implement tried and true marketing methods because we don't believe every marketing method out there produces a return on investment for businesses.

Our focus is to get you found, interested by others, and get them to take actions with you.

We will supply the traffic solutions, it is the responsibility of the business to close your visitors and make them your Clients/Customers.

If that is an agreement we can move forward on, we'd love to help build your existing customer base.


Strategy & Consulting

There is a large gap that exists between businesses who know how to market in the digital era and those who will ride or die by not innovating.

Chew on this... Blockbuster used to be huge.  Then Netflix showed up.  Now Blockbuster is no more.

Innovation is no longer an option, but a must for businesses everywhere.  That includes getting in front of peoples' eyeballs.

What are the next steps?

Evaluation and assessment of your business in the digital era is no longer something that can be ignored, but instead, imperative.

These days, the most impactful marketing platforms for a business are Google Maps and Facebook Ads marketing.  They both have their flaws and are not for all businesses.

An exploratory about which platform is best for your business should be conducted.  Businesses should know where they make their money and where to focus. Tried and true marketing is essential.  When marketing dollars are concerned, no one should rely on theory marketing.

Digital Traffic Solutions is there to help guide you in your marketing decisions going forward.  We study where Google's algorithm and Facebook Ad platform is going, so you don't have to and can focus on conducting business.

First step, starts with strategy.  Plan the work, then work the plan.

If you're an established brick and mortar business (not ecommerce, nor startup... sorry), we'd love to see how we can help strategize or consult your way to getting more Clients using digital means.  Just give us a holler!

Story And Message: Explainer Video Marketing

There are many businesses out there.  Many businesses are very different from each other, but the majority of businesses all do the same thing...

How can you separate your business from the rest?

Tell future customers your business STORY.

A great way to get customers and Clients to go with your business over another business is by sharing with people your business story.

People love to know more about the businesses they are giving business to.

  • Perhaps a part of revenue goes to feeding the homeless.
  • Or maybe you got into business because of the influence of a major influencer in your life.

When people know more, they're either more interested or... they're just not.

Proper communication with your potential clientele is expected if you wish them to go ahead with your business.  Don't expect people to know what your business is all about if you don't promote to them daily what you're about.  After all, they're not mind readers.

A consistent message of value and authority needs to be explained to your audience.

How do you do that?


People are intimidated by video and think they need to be a personality driven business.  Not the case at all, especially nowadays.

Today, everyone has a chance to advertise with video to where people are... and that's on their smartphones!

It used to be only large companies with big advertising budgets could come up with video campaigns.  Not anymore.  Anyone with a phone can make a video explaining key components of their business and reach an audience... on their phone!

  • Explainer videos are the best way to get your audience to take action with you today.
  • Explainer videos are the best way to inform your audience consistently and via large scale.
  • Explainer videos are a great way to warm up cold visitors to your site, create interest and add value to people's lives through emails and social media as well.

Digital Traffic Solutions wants to help you get your message out with Explainer Videos.  Contact us on how we can get that going for your business.


Full length of businessman taking self portrait on steps outside office
website design

Website Design And Development

What better place to put your story and message than on your website!

The most important thing you can do as a business owner is to invest in a website that offers a smooth user-friendly interface, provide all the necessary information for your audience to encourage them to take action for your services, and to convert visitors into leads with a great looking website.

Your website should be an 24/7 asset for your business, allowing it to generate you the leads and sales on the internet while you continue to grow and scale your business.

We help small and local businesses by creating them a strong online presence quickly with high quality, custom built, mobile (and user) friendly WordPress websites.We create assets on the web for your business, not just great looking websites!

Need A Professional Website For Your Business? Invest In Your Business. Order Your Professional Website Today.

Google My Business Lead Generation Optimization

Ah... Google.

Google traffic is the best traffic for any business if you can get it.

Billions of searches happen daily, for certain keywords.

For those fortunate to have someone familiar with Google's algorithm, that business can be found for valuable money keywords and get a lion's share of phone calls for their business.

The problem is, if you don't know how to be seen in the correct search engine AND found for the correct keywords, don't expect... to see any of that traffic.

Today, if you're a business, having a Google Business listing (a.k.a - Google My Business Listing) is the best thing you can do to tell Google, you're a real business and that your brand is worthy of being promoted.

So then, which is the best search engine for your business?

Google Maps.

A few years ago, Google Search (not Google Maps), would get your website shown at the top of rankings so people could find your business site and then contact you.

Now, with the dominance of the smartphone, Google has silently shifted gears to showcasing businesses in their Google Maps engine.

Now, a business can be found in Google Maps with location coordinates, website button and posting information.

The fact is, Google Search is now changing.

Google is again silently shifting focus from desktop search to mobile and device search, voice search from text search and from website results to now Q&A results.

Is your business likely to show up for voice search in the future?

Honestly... highly unlikely without assistance from a Google algorithm specialist, such as Digital Traffic Solutions.

Digital Traffic Solutions is always keeping its ear to the grindstone to hear what changes will be happening with Google before it happens.  One way we do this is by associating ourselves with many thinktank groups who only study Google patents.  They are a sure fire way to know what Google is planning to do before they actually do it.

People are constantly searching for keywords associated with your business.  Some keywords yield thousands of searches daily just for your area.  Those businesses who are lead generation optimized get found and get phone calls.  Those who are not optimized are often found on pages where there is no traffic.  These businesses, on the most part, are invisible... everyday... to audiences.

If your business is not getting enough phone calls from your keywords and your business is listed with Google, get in touch with Digital Traffic Solutions and let's see how we can get the phone ringing for your business.




Facebook Ads Marketing

Facebook ads are necessary for business owners because Facebook limits the amount of reach a Facebook business page can get with it's followers.

If you're trying to reach the masses and let them know what is going on with your business, your message will reach approximately 10% of your followers or less.  Facebook knows this and offers "Boost Ads" or ads marketing to test your desire to reach more people.  Facebook wants your money...

Despite that, there are some noteworthy reasons to embrace the Facebook Ads platform.

  • Facebook is hugely popular to audiences in the age range of 25 - 70.
  • Facebook (& Instagram)  are not search engines, but instead are the largest social networks on the planet with over a billion users each!
  • 75% of all users check in to their Facebook 15 times a day!  Pretty much everyone, you're interested in doing business with can be found on this social network.
  • There are more reasons, but probably the most important reason, is the ability to precisely target and re-target your desired geo-targeted audience by radius or even, zip code.
  • If you know what you're doing, you can even bypass the expensive option Facebook gives with "Boost Post".

The challenges with Facebook ads are that they can get costly and they can be hit or miss because they are not so user friendly for beginners.  Testing ads are a necessary evil to find the best ad for your business while finding a successful campaign that gets you leads.

Lastly, Facebook is a great marketing platform for emotional purchases such as "hot" products or taking advantage of "on the spot" discounts and coupons.  For service businesses, however, grabbing the attention of the audience can be challenging, to say the least.

Digital Traffic Solutions is aware of all these pitfalls when dealing with a business budget.  With that, we don't recommend Facebook ads marketing to all businesses.

If you'd like to know if Facebook ads marketing would be a good fit for you, reach out to us and we'll explore the situation together.






What is EmbraceLocal.com?

EmbraceLocal.com is Digital Traffic Solutions' solution to affordable advertising, to promote local businesses to their community, neighborhood, or area they serve.

Digital Traffic Solutions utilizes the best of both Google and Facebook's marketing platforms to boost brand awareness affordably and get your business brand visible for the long term, on a daily basis. 

DTS believes Embracelocal.com is the advertising outreach that all Local Businesses need right now.

Using Facebook's precise geo-targeting, EmbraceLocal.com will find your audience in the service area you serve, but also have the added benefit to optimize your Google My Business listing, (should one opt for that package).

EmbraceLocal.com's mission is two fold:

  1. Be a movement to encourage neighborhoods to not only support local, but "embrace" local because embracing local businesses matter to everyone!
  2. Be a resource directory page for residents so they can easily find local businesses whenever a product or service is needed.

Targeted audiences will be constantly reminded and encouraged to do the "right thing" and embrace local businesses by buying local because the benefits exist to the community as a whole.

If you're a local business and wish to target specific neighborhoods on a daily basis to let them know you're a local business who resides or serves in that area, please visit EmbraceLocal.com for more information.  We'd be happy to set that up and get you involved with our daily promotions!

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