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If You’re Like Most Businesses, You’re Looking For More Phone Calls From New Prospects… Looking For YOU.  

Imagine people looking up the problem your business solves on Google and then calling you because you were able to be found at the top, or on page 1 for that search.

Google Maps is a platform that addresses consumer pain points and if your business can address and solve their problems, you have a fair chance of getting a phone call.

And if your Google Business Profile is optimized, it can be part of the Top 3 showcased businesses displayed. 

Those businesses get the Lion’s share of the phone calls.

Phone calls: the lifelblood of every business.

Next Level Business Growth starts with brand visibility and getting chosen.

Embracing technology is the first step to business growth in the digital age.

It’s the smartphone era.  So visibility on people’s smartphones is not only vital, but step ONE.

Digital Traffic Solutions is always looking for collaborative opportunities with companies (in business over a year), ready to scale up and take their business to the next level.


Google Profile Optimization

Some businesses don’t necessarily need everything done for them but need a nudge in the right direction via a gameplan.

Let’s converse and see if we can’t create a strategy to move your business forward sooner, than later.

Business Branding

Promoting your brand is the easiest way to simplify your marketing.

If your brand story is synonymous with what people need, you’ve already separated yourself from your competition.

Why Consider Our Service?

We get it done for you… so you don’t have to.
There are just so many hours in the day. To take on a marketing challenge, do you have this kind of dispensible time?
If you’re like most businesses, the answer is no.
Let’s create a plan for business growth this year.

Branding Strategy

What does your brand stand for? What’s the story behind it?

Figure this out and get people aware of your brand… Period.

Message Strategy

How are you going to automate your brand message and story so that your adding value to people’s lives?

We have the answer to that.

Platform Strategy

What are the best platforms to reach out to your customer base? Google, Facebook? Youtube? Let’s discuss.

Lead Generation Strategy

Customers are the lifeblood of every business. Without customers, there is no business. What are your lead generation options? Let’s discuss.

Drew Sohn

Owner, Digital Traffic Solutions

Digital Traffic Solutions wants businesses to focus on their business and leave the technical to us.

We listen and work together to meet your objectives and get you results.

No theory here.

We only implement tried and true proven marketing.

Automate the process wherever you can. If you haven’t already it’s the Digital Age and it’s time to EMBRACE TECHNOLOGY. Your competitors already have…



Drew & his team are the best in the business. They got my company performing way ahead of my competition with our GMB & Google maps…our leads grew like never before! Thanks Drew!

Hobaica Services

Should We Work Together?

Let’s Find Out!

We confess that we can’t optimize every business on Google for a variety of reasons but when we do, it is quite impactful.

Marketing Is An Investment. A Return On Investment Should Be Expected.

No Time For Theories. We Implement Only Tried And True Marketing. If It’s Not Feasible, We Won’t Recommend It.

There’s a lot of options out there, but that doesn’t mean it would be wise to delve in all of them.  These are the basics in marketing that businesses need today.  The level playing fields have all changed due to the advent of the smartphone.  Are you leveraging time or is time leveraging you?

If You’re Interested In Learning More, Let’s See If We’re A Good Fit. Let’s Chat.

Website Solutions

Are you digitally ready to get leads from your own website?

Free Consultation

Interested in embracing techology to get more customers? Let’s chat. It’s free… smile

Digital Outreach

Which platform is the best way for your business to show up on someone’s smartphone?

Quick Optimization Example

From Nowhere To Visible.


We get you from invisible… to visible!

Your visibility, your message and the importance of warming up a cold visitor with value is key to digital reach in the new era of the smartphone.

1. Your Brand

2. Your Message

3. Your Value Add To Your Customer Base

Interested in learning more?
Let’s have a conversation.

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