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The Market Is Saturated. How Do You Set Yourself Apart?

Chances are… there’s another business that does what you do… What’s your USP or Unique Selling Proposition?
Today, Brand, USP, Message and Story help differentiate your business from every other, but it all has to come together and more importantly, it has to make sense to the user/audience.
Not always the ideas we come up with on a kitchen napkin will achieve a business’ objectives… 🙂
We evaluate your business to best recommend the brand message, strategy and digital platform that will best help your business achieve it’s goals.

We Embrace Intentional Approaches To Brand Marketing To Create Brand Awareness For Businesses With Consistent Messaging On The Proper Digital Platforms


What Is Your Brand About?
It is important to be remembered, but also for what and why you are to be remembered? Is a story? Is it a logo? Is it a mission or vision? Is it for a theme in your business that you wish to resonate? All of these factors add weight and volume to a brand. Figure this out and you’re well on your way to being remembered and more importantly, relevant to your audience, daily.


Marketing Consultations

Sometimes you just don’t know where to start. Or maybe you’ve started but can’t figure out why there isn’t any traction.
Sometimes the best thing to do is take a step back from your endeavors and get a fresh pair of eyes on your branding and marketing.
What you see may not be what your audience sees. Let’s assess what’s been done and what you’re trying to do and come up with a game plan.


Which Marketing Platform Is Right For Your Campaign?

These days, the most impact marketing platforms for a business are Google Maps, Facebook and Instagram (which Facebook owns). An exploratory about which platform is best for your business should be conducted. Businesses should know where they can make their money and where to focus.

Focus On Your Business. Leave The Marketing To Us.

Digital Traffic Solutions is here to help guide you in your marketing decisions going forward. We study where Google’s algorithm and Facebook Ad platform is going, so you can focus on conducting business.

If you’re an established brick and mortar business (not ecommerce, or a startup… sorry), we’d love to see how we can help strategize or consult your way to getting more Clients using digital means. Let’s have a conversation.