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Millions Search Google Maps Daily. What Keywords Help Your Customers Find You? Be Visible. Be Found. Be Chosen.

Google traffic is the best traffic for any business if you can get it.

Millions of local searches happen daily, for certain keywords.

For those fortunate to have someone familiar with Google’s algorithm, that business can be found for valuable money keywords and get a lion’s share of phone calls for their business.

The problem is, if you don’t know how to be seen in the correct search engine AND found for the correct keywords, don’t expect… to see any of that traffic.

Today, if you’re a business, having a Google Business listing (a.k.a – Google My Business Listing) is the best thing you can do to tell Google, you’re a real business and that your brand is worthy of being promoted.

So then, which is the best search engine for your business?

Google Maps.

A few years ago, Google Search (not Google Maps), would get your website shown at the top of rankings so people could find your business site and then contact you. Now, with the dominance of the smartphone, Google has silently shifted gears to showcasing businesses in their Google Maps engine.

Now, a business can be found in Google Maps with location coordinates, website button and posting information.

Google Search has changed.

Google is again silently shifting focus from desktop search to mobile and device search, voice search from text search and from website results to now Q&A results.

Is your business likely to show up for voice search in the future?

Honestly… highly unlikely without assistance from a Google algorithm specialist, such as Digital Traffic Solutions.

Digital Traffic Solutions is always keeping its ear to the grindstone to hear what changes will be happening with Google before it happens. One way we do this is by associating ourselves with many thinktank groups who only study Google patents. They are a sure fire way to know what Google is planning to do before they actually do it.

People are constantly searching for keywords associated with your business. Some keywords yield thousands of searches daily just for your area. Those businesses who are lead generation optimized get found and get phone calls. Those who are not optimized are often found on pages where there is no traffic. These businesses, on the most part, are invisible… everyday… to audiences.

If your business is not getting enough phone calls from your keywords and your business is listed with Google, get in touch with Digital Traffic Solutions and let’s see how we can get the phone ringing for your business.


Get found for more keywords in searches because of your website!

Optimize your listing

To the outside world, your website is your digital presence where your message and story resonate.

In this digital age a dated website can be the difference between getting chosen or ruled out at a moment’s notice.

Geo tagged photos

Back in the day, only the super affluent companies could broadcast their company message and ads to the public. Thanks to the smartphone, this no longer holds true. It’s more an equal playing field than ever. Your videos don’t even need to be personality based. The emergence of the explainer video has helped businesses carry their message forward without even having to step in front of the camera.


Millions of searches go on Google for keyword search terms relevant to your business. Be found at the top of the search results, whether it be Google search, Youtube or Google Maps, we’ll get you seen up top, so you can be chosen. Turn search into customers for your business.


Digital marketing is digital advertising. Branding your business is what separates you from your competition and makes you stand out above all others. Strategize and come up with campaigns to get your business objectives met. Digital marketing is where message, story and technology come together and your business ultimately succeeds.

Create Driving Directions

Google has made local businesses in the area to be found easier by listing in Google Maps rather than Google Search. This is an opportunity for local businesses to establish their brand and create interest to multitude of searchers and be found for keywords relative to their business, by proximity. If you’re looking for more reach, lets have a conversation on how to get that done for you.


We get you found!